Robert Andrews to Stephen F. Austin, 10-04-1823

Summary: Applying for grant of land on Red River; also for office of surveyor general for Texas. Asks Austin for testimonial to be placed before Congress.

Oct. 4th 1823 Parras

Dear Austin

I wrote you by last mail but as you are in the settlements on business of such a nature it is uncertain if you will receive my letter, for which reason I write you again in order to be more sure of the receipt.

I thot to have been on my way before now for Orleans, but am detained by a Mr. Leporte who I expect to accompany me, I think however I shall set out in less than a week from this place, by the way of altamira, and as I do not take with me money enough to purchase medicines and may not fall in with accquaintances from St. Louis or Missouri, I wish you to do me the favor to inform Mr J. H. Hawkins of my character to whom I may recur if necessary in my dealings-—I will here communicate you a design as I always have communicated to you as my most faithful friend in whose opinion I have the utmost confidence, I am about to make a formal representation or application to the Govt. thro the medium and friendship of Doctr. Ramos who is now a member of Congress, for all the Red River country including Pecon point as I presume it is not yet occupied, also a letter of the right of citizenship and the appointment of Surver [Surveyor] for all Texas or the 4 provinces if you please, this however, will never interfere with your right to survey all your tract, but rather stimulate me to Texas sooner when I will take a pleasure in being serviceable to you in this business—consulting with a lawyer, he tells me it cannot be convenient to obtain the imploy without a certain document or cirtificate of my abilities from a person who may know me to be presented in the congress, which I can alone ask of you as the only one known in Mexico who knows my qualifications this I wish you to have the goodness to remit by the first opportunity to Mexico Doctr. Ramos who will have the care of my business, perhaps it ought to be in sealed paper, but notwithstanding send it on any. The post is seting out I cannot say more I live in great hope to see you before another years Rolls round.

I wish you all success in the world and remain your ever sincire friend

Andrews [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Al Coronel Estevan Austin en la provincia de Texas Rio Colorado.

[On cover:] Tendrá la bondad el administrador ó algún otro amigo de mandar esta carta por mano al dueño si este en el Rio Colorado

Roberto Andrews.