Stephen F. Austin to Captain Dickson, 11-10-1823

Summary: Instructions for surveying.

Dr Sir,

As I expected to return again on Sunday last I did not leave as full directions relative to the labors on the East side of the [torn] [as I should have] done, in fact I was very unwell when I [left and was] only able to set up a few minutes at a time.

I wrote you that I wished the labors on the east side laid of[f] 500 Bars wide and 2000 long, I wish them only laid of[f] in that way ten labors above and ten labors below town, after that lay them off in squares—also lay off a public road opposite the town out to the Prairie 35 bars wide—Also lay off a public road of ten bars wide between every other labor from the River out to the Prairie thus. [Austin here inserted a sketch map] also leave a road of 20 bars wide on the bank of the River

November 10, 1823

Stephen F. Austin [Rubric]

To Capt Dickson Surveyor

My brother will take to Dickson immediately