Horatio Chriesman to Stephen F. Austin, 01-23-1824

Summary: Surveying.

Balys [Bailey's] Jany 23rd 1824

Dear Sir

I have been unfortunately confined with sickness since my arrival at this place, but hope I shall be able to proceed to business in two or three days, I hope my disease is purty well removed I have still a small touch of the Jaundice, for which I am taking medicine shall start out a Monday morning, knowing the necessity of having the work completed. I shall make every exertion to complete the work from this to the fort as soon as possible, I shall spare no pains to execute my work to your satisfaction I will let you know at what time 1 shall get to the fort as soon as I can ascertain—

Horatio Chri[e]sman

Col. Stephen F. Austin