Stephen F. Austin to James Cummins, 03-02-1824

Summary: Tariff exemption for seven years. Thanks for subscription of corn to pay expenses of Seguin.

(A Copy)

Sir The Political Chief of the province of Texas has informed me by his official letter dated the 11th of the month that the Sovereign Congress of the Mexican Nation have decreed on the 29th of September last that all merchandise of what ever nation or Country introduced into this Province shall be free of all duties for seven years

He has informed me that the government of this Province have seen with the greatest satisfaction that the inhabitants of this Colony have manifesed so liberal a disposition in aiding so far as their situation permitted to defray the expences of the Deputy in Congress and he has particularly directed me to Return the thanks of the govt to those whose names are signed to the corn subscription and to assure them that neither their names nor their generosity will be forgotten.

He has also directed that you cause copies of the enclosed to be posted up in order that none may ever have an excuse or a pretext not to obey the authorities of this Colony and furthermore he has ordered me to notice and punish all persons who in future attempt to create confution and disorder in the Colony by propagating false and Malicious Slanders and idle stories relative to the authorities of this province or of this Colony.

All which you will communicate to the inhabitants of your district in the most expeditious and public manner—

San Felipe de Austin

Feby 26th—1824—4-3

Stephen F. Austin Political Chief

N. B. The Deputy in Congress informs me by letter dated in Mexico the 14th of January that Congress have decided in favour of a Federal Republic by a vote of 20 to 13—I have recd a copy of the proposed Constitution it is copied from that of the United States.

S. F. A.

To James Cummins Alcalde of the Colorado 2d March 1824