Stephen F. Austin to Josiah H. Bell, 04-20-1824

Summary: Election of Bastrop. Celebration of the acta constitutiva.

Province of Texas April 20 1824

I have presented the order to McFarlane from White it appears that only the oven is good for any thing the others are broken I am told I send you two hooks and eyes one for you and one for yotir better half to whom you will please give my compliments try and get all the people to sign the paper I sent down relative to the appointment of the Baron and those you cannot see before do it on the 1 of May—If you can get any thing Suitable try and make a flag Red, White and Green, and endeavor to pass the day on the 1st in a lively and agreeable manner—it was my wish to See the whole Colony convened at one place on this occasion, but that would have been too inconvenient

S. F. Austin.

tell Mr. Allsberry that Parker started this day to go and trade with the Lipans John Austin has gone with him and I regret Allsberry was not here to go—

This is [written in a] great hurry

[Addressed:] Josiah H Bell Lower Settlement