Sylvenus Castleman to Unknown, 05-13-1824

Summary: Constable's subpoena. Judiciary.

Province of Texis

Austins Colony

district of saint felipe de Austin

the Constabel of said district is hereby Commanded to summons larrence kinny if to be found in said district to appear before me at my office on the first saterday of June between the hours of 9 and 3 oClock on the same day to give testimony in favor david hetchedson against william Pettis and not to depart from thence with out leave then and there to testify as witness in the above suit on behalf of the plaintiff and that in this fail not under the pennelty of 10 dollars at which time and place this suppeoana and the proseadings there on must be reterned to me

Sylvenus Castleman


May 13—1824