Jose Antonio Saucedo to Colonists, 05-20-1824

Summary: Political chief's proclamation, Saucedo to Colonists. Defining limits of Austin's colony and Austin's authority therein.

Jose Antonio Saucedo Political Chief of the Province of Texas, the Colony formed by its Founder, Stephen F. Austin on the Rivers Colorado and Brasos in this Province for the present, and untill the judicial district of 5 leagues square are established as the law directs shall form one district, the limits of which shall be as follows, "From the Sea shore to the road running from San Antonio de Bexar to Nacogdoches and on the west as far as la Baca Creek and on the East as far as the Creek called Choclate Bayou including the creeks and waters of the Colorado and Brazos in which district said Austin shall have a general command and Superintendance as political Chief and Judge to administer justice preserve good order and command the Militia in conformity to the powers granted to him by the Superior Government which he is to exercise for the present and unt[i]ll the "Ayuntamiento" of the Colony are organized according to the laws of the Country in the discharge of which duties he will he aided by the number of Alcaldas that may be deemed necessary for the better Accomodation of the publick.

San Felipe de Austin 20th of May 1824 4, 3

Signed Jose Antonio Saucedo Gefe Polo.

Prova. de Texas. A true translation Austin