Stephen F. Austin to Colonists, 05-25-1824

Summary: Calling a meeting to frame instructions for deputy in State congress.

The Government of this Province by their official letter inform me as follows—

"The Deputy elected to the Legislature of this State will go on as "soon as information is received of the meeting of the other "members who are to compose that body, I therefore indicate to you "that if the inhabitants of the Colony under your Command wish to "give any instructions to the said Deputy, by which their situation "or that of this distressed Province could probably be improved, "they can do so and remit them to this Government through you, "or to the said Deputy in person—God and Liberty Bexar 10 of May "1824-4-3—Signed Jose Maria Sambrano acting Political chief in "the absence of the Governor. Dn Jose Antonio Saucedo—directed "to the Political chief of the Brasos and Colorado."

In complyance with the above, the Inhabitants of this Colony under my Command are requested to convene at the Town of San Felipe de Austin on Saturday the 5 day of June next for the purpose of drawing up such instructions for the said Deputy as may be deemed proper. As it will be a great inconvenience for all to come to the meeting only those can do so who wish to be present, and all others can by a written power appoint some one to represent them

San Felipe de Austin May 25, 1824

Stephen F Austin Political Chief of Brazos and Colorado