J. Cable to Stephen F. Austin, 06-13-1824

Summary: General conditions of the time.

Nachitosh 13th June, 1824.

Dear Sir,

I Received your Letter By your Brother James Austin about the 20 of May he left this Place on the 25th of May in the Steam Boat for Missouri he left with me 2 Small Papers of Medicin on[e] paper of Flanel (?) one half Ream of writing Paper one Double or treble Letter to be forwarded to you by the first Safe oppertunity this is the first opportunity i have had Since your Brother Lift this, I also Send you a package of News Papers and an Almanac that may be of use to you, I will Send you more Papers Soon, Dear Sir, I wish to know whether you would be willing to grant or sell 640 Acres of Land more or less to my Self and family on the River Brazos to be chosen by your Self, Provided I did not Move out on it for one or two years yet. though i might get Some good Person to Settle on it for me, I am Determined to live in Texas yet. but Circumstances will not admit of me going Soon if this should be the Case that you would be willing to Sell or grant me a Piece of Land on the Brazos I would wish you to choose me a tract on the River and have the grant Recorded and I wish you would write me by the first Oppertunity of the Same.

I wish you would do me the favor to enquire whether David Marpie Left any Property at his Death in your Colony. I furnished him with some articles out of Diblieux Store which he stood in need of when he left here Cash, to the amount of about forty Dollars, if he has Left property I will Send the account out to you for Collection

Pleas to accep my best and well wishes towards your welfare and beleve me your friend and Obt. Svt.

Mrs. Cables Compliments

J. Cable