Amos Rawls to Stephen F. Austin, 06-13-1824

Summary: Karankawa Indians.

Lieut. Col. Stephen F. Austin

Deare Sir an express Been [being] Sent to me on Sunday the 13 I Amediately Raise the men Belonging to my Detachment and went to the place where Mr Kirkingdoll Son Said that he Saw Some Indians a dresing Some meate when the indians Saw the Boy he says one of the indians shoot an arrow at him when he whealed about to Ride of I went to the place and found that the Indians had kild a small Beef of Mr Kirkingdoll with in three hundred yards of his house then taking ther traile I followed them to the Grousing of the Colorado ther I found the Indians Campt on the west side of the River under the Bank as soon as the indians saw the men they tuck up there Bows and went up the Bank in the cane they didant appeare to Be any way alarmed the men then Crosse the River up above a Small distance and dismounted then pressing on one of the indians shot an arrow and wounded Mr Jackson in the arme and was in the act of shooting of another when Mr. Clarke Shot him and kild him the other indians then keeping in the Cane we had now chance to git at them I then had there horses taken three in number and thire Baggage consisting of two cases of arrows one Bow and one Saddle and the Beef that they had taken with other things two tedious to mention

the Bow and the arrows was of the Krankaways make and the indian that was killed was a Krankaway and further more they show a Disposition to Brake in upon the Settlement for when the men had crossed the River Back and a Riding Down the Beach their was one arrow Shot amoung the men a Cross the River then they hollowed out in some Languague that we could not understand I then had them Cawled in spannish But they wold make know answer in consequence I wish you to send on the men that was to come over on the 20 for to Come over on the 15 as we Left the indians just a Cross the River three or foure Smokes has Beane seen on the west Side of the River on friday and Saturday Last

this the 13 day of June 1824

Amos Rawls Commander of the Detachment