Martin C. Allen to Stephen F. Austin, 07-25-1824

Summary: Land.

At Jas Lynches July 25th 1824.

Col. Austin

Sir It was with much Pleasure that I received the few lines from you by the hand of Mr Lynch—respecting my land you wrote that there is a good League on the St Bernard that I can get should it suit me, I make not the smallest Doubt of its suiting me—You say it is a good League which is sufficient proof for me if it is rich timbered Land it is the kind of Land that I want—in fact I leave it intirely with yourself to enter my League and you can make out my Deed and give it to Mr. Lynch or keep it yourself until I return whichever you may think best—-I am entirely willing to submit to the rules and regulations that you may make with the first settlers,—if you will give my deeds to Mr. Lynch you can hold this Letter which will be the same as my obligation—I can pay you two hundred Dollars or perhaps more this winter in good property if requested, in fact my will is to oblige you at any time when in my power. I shall start home in a few days in the Highest spirits and will return with my family this fall if life lasts.—

Now Sir if my League is allready surveyed as I have to draw Land for my e[l]dest son in my own name there is one or two young men who will come on with me that will attach themselves to my family—if I am in titled to any more land besides my League and Labbour by the size of my family or for building a mill, I will take it on the Creek that is called Seeder Creek at the first main fork above Simon Millers tract which is at a place known by the Board Camp.

Sir if you think propper to give me a grant agreeable to the rules authorized by the government for building a mill I will obligate myself to build a good mill.

The place that I have Described I located in December 1821 which [if] I can shall yet [get?] I located it for the purpose of building a mill it will not interfere with any settler—but if it should interfere with any arrangement allready made I will take it at the second crossing of the second fork of the Navisota on the Labberdee road Commencing at the road and running Down for quantity this would be Convenient to the Millikins settlement if you think proper to grant this petition you will please to inform Mr. Lynch and he will attend to the Surveying etc

I hope Sir you will excuse my troubling you so much at so busy a moment of your Business—And receive the best wishes of your most obd. Friend and well wisher

Martin C. Allen [Rubric]

Col. Stephen F. Austin