Wyly Martin to Stephen F. Austin, 07-31-1824

Summary: Completed at last the settlement of first 300 families. Exercised great care in the selection of the families.

Bend of the Brazos July 31st 1824


I am desirous of becoming a citizen of your colony, and a subject of the Mexican Republick. Circumstances beyond my controul has occasioned me an absence of four months from the province; A link in the same chain of circumstances, requires me to return to the U. States immediately; hence the impracticability of my mak- ing any personal application to you at this time. The object of this address then is, to request that my name be put upon the list or roll of those who are applicants for land within the Colony.

I am not aware what quantity of land you will be disposed to allow me, under existing circumstances; I am not a married man, I am the owner of three negroes and a stock of cattle of upwards of one hundred head, together with some other property—the utmost of what you are in the habit of allowing to other men similarly circumstanced, I trust you will allow to me.

About the begining of October I shall return to the Colony at which time I will do myself the honor of waiting upon you in person on the above subject.

I am very desirous of obtaining land on the Brazos, should my application however be too late to affect that object, I will content myself with securing it on the Bay Prarie or on the St. Bernardo.

Wyly Martin.

Colo. S. F. Austin