Stephen F. Austin to A. G. Wavell, 07-xx-1824

Summary: Discouragements.

[About July—,1824?]

Dr. Wavel I recd a few lines from you a day or two ago without date or signature post marked in Mexico you ask how I am getting on to which I answer not very well—and I assure you I am heartily sick of the whole business and shall gain nothing by it but losses and fatigue, and if you wish to keep out of trouble let Colonization matters alone, either here or any where else—The grant I recd was to settle 300 families agreeably to the Colonization law, for which I recd for my self 22 1/2 leagues of land—the half of which belongs to my friend in Orleans so that I have 11 1/4 Leagues for my share—you blame me for not writing to you in London, I did write often by way of Orleans, and if I had encouraged you to bring out goods to a large amt. perhaps you would have blamed me more I have spent more in this dammed affair than it will ever be worth—we are burnt up by the drouth, and there is some Sickness—tho I still think the country is healthy—I can return you the money you let me have, and will secure a piece of land here for you

[Stephen F. Austin.]

[Addressed:] A Don Arturo Wavel en Mexico