Josiah H. Bell to Stephen F. Austin, 08-18-1824

Summary: Surveying.

Brasses Lower Settlement August 18th, 1824


Mr. Huse was not able to make the small survey you requested I got Mr. Shelby and Carter to assist me and took the meanders of the Benard begining at Dicksons line a plat of which I send you by Isaac Huse who will be able to give you some Explanation so as to Assist you in understanding it after runing up the Benard four thousand bars we found a creek making down from the mound which we could not cross we meandered it 500 bars then crossed and run 500 bars due north to make our Complement of northing without going to the Benard as it made Considerable writing you can either Continue that west to the Benard By Calculation or let it stand as it does whichever you may think best the rough plat I have sent you is the best I Could do at this time under the present Circumstances—I am in hopes it will ancer the purpose as any way you Can arange it will make no difference between us whin you have the deed made out lay it away untill I see you

J. H. Bell

the bars I mention is the only northing we got.

[Addressed:] Col Stephen F Austin