Stephen F. Austin to Jose Antonio Saucedo, 08-26-1824

Summary: Settlers on the San Jacinto want Austin's colony extended to include them.

There are, on the San Jacinto, some inhabitants who wish to be admitted as a part of the 300 families which I have been authorized by the Supreme Government to establish in this, the province of Texas. If you allow me to extend this colonial Establishment, so as to include both banks and the tributaries of the above mentioned River, and also the Bay and Island of Galveston, I believe a great advantage would be derived by the balance of this Establishment, as well as the whole province; because the civil jurisdiction of this Establishment would then embrace those points; and thus the introduction of vagrants and fugitives could be prevented, and good order preserved, particularly in the Island and Bay of Galveston, which formerly were infested by pirates, and undoubtedly will be so again, if steps are not taken to prevent it. In case this extension should meet your approval, I request you to give notice to the inhabitants of those localities, that the government has included the territories situated on the San Jacinto, and its waters, and the Island of Galveston in my colonial Establishment; and that those amongst them who deserve to be admitted, may obtain land in the same manner as the settlers of this Establishment, and may select one or two Alcaldes who shall depend on this jurisdiction in like manner with the other Alcaldes of this Establishment, agreeably to the terms of the provisional regulations approved by you for this Establishment, the 24th of May last.

God and Liberty.

Estevan F. Austin.

Town of San Felipe de Austin, August 26th 1824.