Andrew Erwin to Stephen F. Austin, 09-11-1824

Summary: Tennessee. Interest in Texas. Qualities of Jared E. Groce.

Columbia Septem 11th 1824

Dear Sir

Your esteemed favour of may last Come to hand in short time in which you spoke of . . . [illegible] Caruthers having been with you I have not as yet seen him—

I am truly glad to hear of your flattering prosspects as to a healthy situation goods seasons the productiveness of the soil and Improvement in government which when all Combined cannot fail to realize your hopes if so all must be well with you and the Early adventurers with you to that garden spot of America

I presume Mr. Caruthers gave you the news of Tennessee etc Politics and otherwise in which I have taken some part and may again Engage—

you are good Enough to Express your satisfaction at what I had done in Executing your commission with the fair one spoken of in Mexico to wit Miss Williams of this country. She has seen your letter I this morning, parted with her at her fathers home in possession of your letter to me and she indulges a hope of seeing you next spring, you will not Regret your vissit to her and your Humble Servant I tharfore claim your promis.

I ardently hope your Mother and Sister arived Safe at your abode as anticipated in your letter. I had allmost Started my Son 17 years of age to See you last fall with a hope you might be able to give him Employment as a Surveyor and learn him or have him taught the Spanish Language and the ways of the cuntry—

Your vissit here would be of great importance to yourself as I believe

My old Friend Leftwich has never Returned I heard from him in may last Still in Mexico—-I presume you have become acquainted with J E. Groce of Brassos. Who is an Interprising man and I hope may do well in your Cuntry his Excentricities and Exalted notions of himself is his worst foibles, he is as you know if acquainted a warm friend or bitter Enemy Just as his Immidiate Interest is Effected, he lately wrote me a long letter and his clerk certifyed the correctness of it founded in misstaken notions, both of me and himself intended to injure me and cannot in any way bennifit himself and can in no-way be accounted for on the score of reason or Propriety all of which you perhaps know or may See if acquainted if you are not, it is not my wish to injure him in any manner nor shape whatever and were I near him he would not asail me

Andrew Erwin

[Addressed:] The Honble. Stephen F Austin Nachitochez Arkansas Territory