Francis P. Wall to Stephen F. Austin, 09-16-1824

Summary: Great numbers going to Texas from Louisiana and Mississippi. Can land be obtained without settlement?

Louisiana, Catahuala, September 16th 1824.

Judge Austin,

Dr Sir, I take the liberty of addressing a few lines to you, hoping they will find you in good health, and enjoying the satisfaction of seeing your infant settlement in prosperity.—great numbers are going out from this State and the Mississippi to view that country, and no doubt you will have a very strong settlement in a short time. I should be glad to hear whether those who went on an exploring expedition, on board the Schooner Lively, and found themselves everything are entitled to lands there or not; notwithstanding they should remain here; for this season; some of them are in a situation that prevents them from moving to that country immediately, and the good lands may all be taken up, and deprive them of a choice; if so, you will confer an obligation on me, by letting me know, and having mine confirmed, and forwarded to me,—

I take the liberty of introducing to your acquaintance, Mr. Luman Phelps, one of the number who went out on board the Lively and found himself everything and remained on the Brassos; he is a young gentleman of great integrity and industry, and no doubt will do well, and has an idea of settleing himself there;—I hope this will find you in health, peace, and prosperity;—Please to accept of the good wishes of your friend—

Francis P. Wall

To the Hon. Stephen F. Austin Esqr.