Seth Ingram to Stephen F. Austin, 10-01-1824

Summary: Contract for surveying.

This agreement entered into at the Town of San Felipe de Austin in the Province of Texas between Stephen F. Austin Empresario for the settlement of three hundred families in this Province and Seth Ingram surveyor is to witnessβ€” That said Ingram agrees to survey such Tracts of land in this Colony as he may be directed to Survey by sd Austin and the commission [er] of the Govt in the form and manner which they may direct, using the Mexican Vara as the standard for regulating their chains and running the true Meridian after calculating the variation of the compass, and the sd Ingram agrees to execute his work accurately and in a good and workman like manner and to complete it as speedily as possible, establishing corners with bearing trees at each principal corner of a survey with the initials of the owners names marked on the bearing trees where the owner is known, or erecting sufficient mounds of Earth in Prairie at least three feet high and marking every line not bounded by a River or creek which runs through timber so that it can be easily traced and followed, and finally to make out correct returns and plots of each survey to sd Austinβ€”On completion of the work in the manner above stated the sd Ingram shall be entitled to demand and receive from each settler pay for surveying their lands at the rate of five dollars pr Spanish mile payable in property on three dollars pr Mile payable in Cash, to be paid by the settler, and for which payment the sd Austin is not to be in any Manner accountable or responsible more than to refuse to deliver the titles to any settler untill he brings a certificate from the surveyor or stating that the surveying fees of his land were paid or settled, For the faithful complyance of all which the sd Ingram obligates himself under the penalty of being liable for any damages which may arise from a non or incorrect compliance with this contract,β€”

San Felipe de Austin Oct 1st 1824

Seth Ingram

Stephen F. Austin [Rubric]