Stephen F. Austin to Samuel Sexton and Charles Morgan, 10-26-1824

Summary: Agreement to grant land—Austin to Charles Morgan and Samuel Sexton.

I hereby agree to receive Sexton and Morgan as settlers in the colony formed by me in this Province under the authority which I have recd from the Mexican Government and to give them titles as settlers for two Leagues of Land on the Bernard Creek or its waters and also one labor adjoining to William Morton above on the west side of the Brazos river— On condition however that Charles Morgan builds a Cotton Gin on the tract of land called the fort tract on the west side of the Brazos in this Colony and puts the same in complete operation within one year from the first of January next, and also on condition that Samuel Sexton actually removes his family to this Colony and establishes himself as a settler within eighteen Months from this date, unless either of them are prevented from so doing by shipwreck sickness or some such unavoidable disaster—

The cost of said land is one hundred and Sixty five Dollars for each League payable in Cash exclusive of the surveying and Stamped paper— The deeds for said land will be Made out as soon as the land is surveyed

San Felipe de Austin Octbr. 26, 1924

Stephen F Austin [Rubric] Witness Samuel M Williams [Rubric]

The Cost including Surveying fees on one of the Leagues mentioned in the within have been paid by an old debt due by James Bryan to Sexton Morgan which I agreed to settle in this way

October 26, 1824

Stephen F. Austin