Dr. John Sibley to Stephen F. Austin, 11-21-1824

Summary: Claim of late Dr. Robinson against Mexican Government, which he traded to William Alexander Danlin. European news. Presidential election of 1824.

Natchitoches Novr 21st 1824

Dr Sir.

A few minutes ago I accidentally meet with the bearer Mr Alcorn who is going to Leave here in an hour. I have but little time to write you and in a hurry to Bundle up for you a few News papers. I have some time ago received from Mrs Robinson the Widow of the Late Doctor Robinson a power of Atty to pursue a Claim on the Mexican Government for the Services of her Husband as Brigadier General in the Service of that Government

When the Doctor left that Country his Account was settled and the Government allowed him twenty thousand dollars, he became acquainted with William Alexander Danlin who had been Sometime in the Service of that Country. Mr Danlin informed the Doctor that by the death of his Father property had been left to him in Mississippi and Indiana in Lands and Negroes to the value of $20,000. he gave Dr Robinson a power to receive that property in the United States and the Doctor Authorized him to Receive his Claim on the Mexican Govt by way of Exchange; but the Doctor Could never find any property of Danlin's here; Mrs. Robinson is Anxious to know if Danlin Recd the Doctors Claim and if not to Notify the proper department of the fraud of Danlin and to prevent if possible his receiving it.—

Now I have no doubt through some acquaintance you have in Mexico you can by writing Ascertain for her what it is important for her to know, you will do me a favour if you will as soon as you can attend to this subject.—

I have nothing important to inform you of that the News papers will not acquaint you. the death of the king of France will produce no Change. The state of affairs in Spain is Horrid, and a most Bloddy Revolution is looked for.— Count Artoi who will be Charles X the Successor of Louis XVIII is Sixty seven and in Bad health his successor will be Angoloeme.—

Who will be Our Next President no one knows and you can guess as well as any one here—you will find the papers much taken up with the visit of General Lafayette. History Certainly furnishes no parralell of such a Universal Burst of Gratefull expression by so many Millions of People.—

I have lately seen a hand bill signed by Mr. Holtham a lawyer of this place addressed to the people of Taxas denouncing Mr John Cook as a Swindler etc, I think it an act of justice to Mr Cook to inform you that so far as I know those Charges are unfounded. Mr Nancanow(?) Introduced him here they came from Washita together, and I have seen Genl Hughes and other gentlemen from Washita who never intimated any thing to the prejudice of Mr Cook, when he left here some Business of his were Unsettled particularly as Collector of Taxes, his Bond was in my hands as president of the Town Police and it was put in suit agt his securities in Compliance with a formality, but I do not believe he is much in arrears, the suit stands Continued. Mr. Holtham and Mr. Cook had a dispute and some Blows passed between them they parted on bad terms. I believe few persons here think the worse of Mr Cook or the better of Mr. Holtham for this attempt to injure him in a strange country. I ever Regarded Mr. Cook as a temperate, sober genteal man, well quallified for Business, he had my Confidence and might have it again.—

I Am always happy to hear from you, of the Welfare and the prosperity of your settlement—I have lately been informed you have had an important accession of Territory Added to your former Grant, including the Inlet and Bay of Galveston—I Now think I shall at some future time Move and settle somewhere in Taxas: but to get from where I have lived so long is difficult and much time is required to arrange ones affairs—It is some time since I have had a letter from you the last was by your Brother. I have written you several since and sent you some News papers.—Our Legislature is in session since Monday last, but we have not heard from them

John Sibley [Rubric]