George Huff to Stephen F. Austin, 11-24-1824

Summary: Emigration from Mississippi. Bastrop's letter saying that Austin keeps part of the fees for land does Austin great hurt.

Woodville November 24th 1824.

My Dr friend I am Hapey to state to you that I Gote Home well and Hearty and found All My Afares well I Have not time to write Much as the Son of Mr Greoss is waiting for this I am now making our Mill Irons and the Iron work for A Sixty Saw Gin I shall Be with you just as soon as I Promissed Mr Sirvieson and Mr Johnson Both wrote Bye Mail I will Git Mr. Gross to Call At the Post office At Nathcitoches to take them Letters to you you will See some of the Best farmers from this County with me when I Git there Mr. Anderson will Be with me you will Please keep the land old an young from this Countree will Go the land you Promissed to Mr Connoll and Mr Hallaman I wish you to Hold for Som Men who will Be with me Barron De Bastrop has done jou A great deal of Hurt his Letter is Hear to this Amount that All the Money you Git for Land dos not Goe to Government that you keep that to your silf if you See Proper to Contradict it By sending to me it I will Do So with Plasure which you Have full time you will See us Land At your town in A Steam Boat tel Mr McCormick I wish him to Go on with the work He Promisd

Geo Huff

Mr S f Austin

tel Mr Kenada that His Prospect is Glomey Heare