A. H. Adams to Stephen F. Austin, 12-11-1824

Summary: Land. Immigration.

1 League square of land for A H Adams 1 Do Do " " " Jn° P. Brodnax 1 " " " " " Thos. Brodnax 1 " " " " " E S Jeffries __ 4

Mr Austin

Dr Sir

If on your arrival out you can obtain 4 leagues of land for the above persons I wish you [to] reserve them and I shall be out in 3. or 4 mos to a certainty and will comply with your arrangements I wish the situation as pleasant as possible and as near navigation as convenient, if there is a prospect of the grants being extended you may defer the location untill it is obtained, by complying with the above request you confer many favors on your

A H Adams [Rubric]

Alexa Dec 11—1824