R. Carpenter to James E. B. Austin, 12-13-1824

Summary: Wants work as surveyor.

Hazel run Decr. 13th. 1824

Dear Sir

I imbrace the oppertunity of writing you a few lines by the Mister Allie's to refresh your memory of our conversation on our road from Hazel run to the platten mines conserning Some Surveying that I am very anxious of gitting in your colony Should there bee any Surplus Surveying on the receipt of those lines and I should bee patronised in a part of It I should like to remove there as Soon as possible ase there is little or no chance for me to make much money here. I wish you not to neglect answering my letter as I shall bee undetermined where to Settle until I hear from you— my prospects in mining are flatering at this time and should I be favoured with good wether I think that I can clear 2 or 3 hundred dollars this winter— there is nothing ocured here Since you left this place worth your notice Except that it is pretty generally believed that Sam Louis and Adilene will bee married Shortly— you have the news as I got it it is the flying report, nothing Else worth relating at present Ex[cept] that the people are all well Polly Sends hir respects to you and your Brother

E Carpenter

J. E. B. Austin Esq.