Nathaniel Cox to Stephen F. Austin, 12-14-1824

Summary: The Hawkins estate.

New Orleans 14. Dec 1824

Honble Stephen F. Austin

Dear Sir. I have nothing new to inform you of relative to the intentions of Mrs Hawkins, further than what I mentioned in my last letter some weeks ago—I do not believe Mr Sanders and Mr Hawes will ever agree that she should move to Texas while her family are so young and helpless—If her boys were older and had more Judgement and Experience in the world I dont believe she would be controlled but alas the children have been so much neglected that even at an advanced age I fear they will be illy calculated to take care of themselves even—

Under these circumstances it has been by all decided that you are to act in the capacity of friend and agent of Mrs Hawkins and the children; this decision meets my most sanguine approbation, as I am assured she could get no person so well quallified to represent her Interest in the provenee—-I hope therefore you will not let your delicacy prevent your accepting such a trust—

On the subject of the advances made by Mr Hawkins it never was my opinion that you were any otherwise bound than for one half of All lands granted to you by the Mexican Government—and that the only source of remuneration would be from a sale thereof,—

There has been many small sums loaned to individuals going to Texas, and for which they are bound these I will send you a list of at a more convenient time and request you to have them collected—

Nath: Cox.

Mr Botts is now here and I believe intends writing you by Mr Parker the bear[er] of this.