Anthony R. Clarke to Stephen F. Austin, 01-02-1825

Summary: Plans for moving to Texas. House of entertainment.

Autoyack 2nd Jany 1825

Dear Sir

Since my return home the influence of John I Clarke Monk an others have put Mrs Page quite in favour of moving to the Brassos. it is by her request that I now write you to request that if it is not too late you will reserve a League of land for us. if proper you may enter it in the name of Mrs Eliza Page widow of the late Wm A. Page and her three sons or in my name if the above should not be proper Mrs Pages object in that Country would be to make a living by keeping a house of entertainment, for this purpose I should require two lots in Town a joining as one would be too small to hold the necessary buildings and stables, I should likewise stand in need of a Labour to furnish firewood and timber as well as raise corn and vegetables for the family—If I can arang my business as I have a prospect of doing my plan is to come out and put up the necessary building in the Spring and then move out, I wish you would write me in answer to this which must determin my coming to the Brassos—- I wish my Idea of moving to the Brassos may not be made public as it would injure the sale of my improvement here

Anthony K Clarke [Rubric]

Col Stephen F. Austin