Seth Ingram to Stephen F. Austin, 01-16-1825

Summary: Concerning land and surveying.

Dukes place Jan. 16th 1825.

Col. Austin

Sir I recd- your communication to Wm Kincheloe to send you the plat of the Leagues on the Colorado from Kuykendall's League down. I have sent them over, and accompanying them you will find the field notes of several Leagues in the Bay Prairie and one on the Bernard. Mr Selkirk has run off the Leagues on the West side of the Colorado, and from actual survey some of the lines differ considerable from the plat, and those numbers that differ you will find either over or under the others and a bar across them thus, in this way I have corrected all the lines, on the west side of the river Those Leagues where Selkirk run on both sides of the river closed very well, and very little alteration had to be made. Be careful and reccollect that those numbers that have the bar accross them are the right ones—We have run the Leagues as far down as Dukes place and have not yet touched the Lake that Williams lines on. I call it a Lake because, since I left town I have been down to Williams and find that the south end of it is about two miles from Williams. We go into the woods again tomorrow and shall succeed in finishing I think by the middle of Feb. if nothing uncommon takes place—

I understand that Mr Buckner has been to Town and made ap- plication for the League taking in the forks of Hunney and Caney creeks, that is a choice that I made more than one month ago, running it so as to take in the forks and the head of tide if it would do both, I have not yet got any land on tide water and do not think that Mr. Buckner has done quite right in taking that advantage of me, however, I shall leave it to you to make it right.-

I have heard of Mr. Tong at Esqr Bells but have not yet seen him.

I have no more at present, but remain with due respect your friend and humble

Seth Ingram

Col. S. F. Austin.