Knight and White to Stephen F. Austin, 01-22-1825

Summary: Concerning land and surveying

Fort Settlement Jany 22d 1825,

Col. S. F. Austin

Sir We are informed by Capt. Chreesman that the Quarter of a league of land we are to receive in right of the late Capt. Singer has been laid off in the rear of a Quarter belonging to Mr. Nelson—

From our intimacy with Capt. Singer we know it was not his wish to have in that way and we assure you it is entirely contrary to ours—We state this to you thinking it must have been represented that we prefered it in the way it is now surveyed and request that you will permit it to be run through from the river to the prairie in the same manner that all the other Quarters have been—

Knightand White

P. S. Mr. White will leave here next week for New Orleans and will take charge of any thing you may wish to send with pleasure— one of us will be up in a day

K and W