George Huff to Stephen F. Austin, 01-29-1825

Summary: Emigration from Mississippi. Land. Mills.

Woodville January 29th 1825

My Dr Sir

this will Be Handed to yoo By Jacob Huff My Son and Peter Conrad with him I wish them to stay with yoo ontil I get there I Shall start from this Place in ten days Mr. Brooks who is with the Boyes is a Good and Honest Man I wish yoo to Settle him as Near the Mill Seat as you Can I wish yoo to furnish Him with tools to git me a set of House Logs on the Bernard ontil I Git there as I Must attend to the Building of the Mills I Shall Be there with A strong force and good work men I think to Have them in oparation in August Next or I Shall Lose My Judgement of Mill Building I think I will not Make Such a Hand of it as [Mr.] Toung did I wish you to show the Cane Brake . . . [on] John Huffs League to Mr. Brooks as he will make [a crop next?] year Mr Jesse H Cartright will ... he takes About fifty negros ... to Have Land as he goes on My word I wish you to Let him Have a Good League of Land for he is as good A Man as we have in this Country I wish you to Procure Me two yok of well Broke oxen and About 80 Bushels of Corn for I Shall want them things as Soon as I Git there all the things you Sent for By Me will Be there in Due time Mr Halleman dont go this spring as you saw through him I Shall say nothing About him ontil I see you I have A Great Deal to write But as it will Be But A few days ontil I See you I Shall stop

Geo Huff

Col S f Austin