James Grant to Stephen F. Austin, 01-31-1825

Summary: Land.

Camargo 31st Jany. 1825

Colnl Austin

Dear Sir, I take the opportunity of Colnl Milam, passing your way, to drop you a few lines respecting my interest in your Colony, I have been a great deal absent, but it has been completely out of my power to be there, my business in this part of the Country has been in such a situation that I have not been able to leave, I am now doing my best to wind up, and I will be able to do so about June when I will be on with you; I have to appeal to your goodness to protect my interest with you, untill I arrive my absence has not been with my will, but from the circumstance above stated; which I know your knowledge with the mode of doing business in this part of the Country will fully satisfy you in the cause. I have property plenty in the Colony to pay for my land and have directed Captn Jones to do so; by your granting me this request you will confer an obligation on Dr Sir your Respectfully

James Grant [Rubric]