Thomas Hooper to Stephen F. Austin, 02-02-1825

Summary: Emigration from Louisiana.

Alexandria February the 2nd 1825

Dear sir

I beg leave to introduce to your acquaintance Mr. J. H. Shropsher an acquaintance of mine and who you will find to be a gentleman he is going on to the enteria [interior] on a trading expedishion he will want some infirmation of you which I hope you will give all that you can as I feel much intrusted in his favour and in so doing you will confer a remembered [kindness.] Sir agreeable to promis I expect to come to your cuntry and am happy to informe that Majr. Thomas his father inlaw Majr. Bullard and his brother and Col. Cram of this place and two or three other gentlemen from this place will accompany me to look at your country I feel sattisfyed that I shall moove to your cuntry and beg leave to remind of your promis to me respecting my land I hope you will he perticular in the choice of the leage down on the tide watter and get it as low down as posable give my respects to Col Gross and family if an opertunity permits

Thos Hooper