J. Cable to Stephen F. Austin, 03-21-825

Summary: Adams elected President. Rumors of treaty with Mexico annexing Texas to the United States.

Cantonement, Jesup March 21st 1825.

Dear friend,

By Mr. Smith I send you a few news Papers [from] which you will see the Result of the Election of President of the U. S. John Q. Adams has been Duly Elected, we have not much news more than Mr Smith can inform you, thare is great hopes of the United States becoming Peaceable possession of the Province of Texas as far as the Rio grande By a letter Mr. Johnson Received from his Farther in Orleans Last Saturday, he advises his sone to not sell his land claims in Texas that in conversation with some gentleman in Orleans he states that our Minister to Mexico is about to conclude a Trety with the Mexican Republic for the Province of Texas— the Rio grande to be the line between the two governments. I hope you will Reserve me a League of Land in some good Place on the River Brassos or Colorado, Mr Smith has spoken to me about a league on the colorado Perty low down you would be the best judge of that I shall be out in may and Esqr McGuffin says he will come with me without fail sickness excepted The led [lead], I have tried evry Person to take it out that was going out I may get Mr. Payton to take some out in a week or two, if you should want any thing from our Place pleas write and I will Send it out to you Pleas to give my Respects to your Brother and Pleas to accept my best and well wishes towards you, and blive me

J. Cable

To Col. Stephen F. Austin St. Felip de Austin Rio Brazos Province of Texas