John P. Coles to Stephen F. Austin, 03-26-1825

Summary: Land business.

March 26th 1825

Dear Sir

Inclosed you will find the plat of Mr- James Hopes Tract of Land he has Exchanged the Tract of Land which was Intended for him above to Mr. Beauford Brooks for Brooks League adjoining the town Tract as you will perceive So you will arrange the League of Land which was surveyed in the name of King for Mr. Beauford Brooks they wish their deed as soon as you can get them made out and send them up Mr. Hope wishes to get the vacant Land that Lyes below Mr. Williams—adjoining Fisher I suppose there may be a quarter Leage of it If you think proper to let him have it you hav probably an account of its situation in the office so that you can deed it to him without any further survey If you cannot let me know and I will have It Run out— he also understood that there is some vacancy on Mill Creek above the Mill Tract he is desirous to get a Leage there If he can he says that he has a Large family and feels desirous to procure as much Land for them as posible as to the last Bequest you will doo as you think proper I wish you to make out the Town Tract in Brooks deed or Mr. Hopes which Ever is moust convenient you will find inclosed the survey of the two Labours

Jno P. Coles [Rubric]