Jacob Betts to Stephen F. Austin, 05-13-1825

Summary: Very angry and disappointed over his allotment of land.

May the 13 1825

Colo S F Austen

Sir I feal myself bound from the treatment I have receivd from you to inform you of my fealings they are Raught to the highest pitch I appeal to your prommises [you] know how for you complyed with them I came to this Colony with every assurance that I would be governd by one of our Countrymen whom I had antispated the grates satisfaction of spendin the Remainder of my days with [With] these expectations I have spent the three Last years of my life in poverty and misery Looking forward for beter times part of the thime fed with soft words and fair promises but sir I appeal to you your own brest to say how fair thay have bin complyed with I am now efferd one half of what some others are that have just arive in the country [and] take this for the begining Reaping the rewards of my Laber and I have to say arangement for me to go to work I have to say all confidence is Lost deceivin one perhaps in another deceivd as I am by my commander I feal it my unbound duty as a free man to exclaim against him it ever has bin my disposition never to harber anything in my brest against any man without leten him know it I therefore consider myself a free man and an injured one if I could got justice I should be settled and attendin to my bisness I therefore thak this methon of informing you Regardless of conciquences it apears all confidence is Lost I feal myself prepard to meat the worst and unless I am plast on an eaquel footing with other men feel it my duty to seek redress to the Last extents now [no] doubt the justis of my cause will bear me out I seek now privat advantage of you but Rest you asurecl if I commence with you I Leave nothing undon to the best of my skill and ability, though it is not my wish to enter into bisness of that kind it has bin my determination to seek my redress if I distroyed the interest of myself and evry other man in this provence Know I leave it to yourself to gave me justes if you will put me off with a half League of Land I will except of it but you may rest asure I am not satisfyed with one half Leag if you will gave me the half of the 47 Leag and one half of a Leag up this River of half of the 7 or 8 Leag in the bay you will find me disposed to render my services for the benefit of the colony as fair as is in my power but if I am not satisfyed you will find I can do you or the colony as mutch Injury as any other man though it is not my wish I want nothing more than is Reasonable you gave me as you see proper and I think you will gave me justis I shall start for the guadalope or further in the morning and perhaps I shall return hear in one or two months I will except of the half Leag of Land you oferd me but perhaps it will better for the Community at larg to deal justly by me you will pleas sen me what you intend to gave me

Jacob Betts