Bartlett Sims to Stephen F. Austin, 05-14-1826

Summary: Report of a scouting expedition after Indians.

Coln Austin

Dear Sir Agreeable to your order I Dispatchd two men Washing Curtis and Robert Arm Strong to Examin the countray west of this Place they went out a Bout 35 miles a Bout 10 miles west thay came to foot trail Cold not asertain How many and then 10 miles west of Curtese they came to a foot trail of 15 or 20 men and 8 miles west of Curtises thay came to a trail 15 or 20 Horses and But one Mule track a mong them to Be Discoverd Theas Horses was Rode By Indians as thay Traild them to whar thay Got Down and Drank all theas Trail was Traveling near a N :W Cours I Have just Receivd news of king Caid and Furn Ashes Horses all Being Stolen all this Sign appears To Be 2 or 3 Days oald

I Hope you will Take Some affective measures

Bartlett Sims

Coln Austin