J.E.B. Austin and Stephen F. Austin to Emily M Perry, 06-15-1826

Summary: Biographical. Growth of colony.

San Felipe de Austin 15th June 1826

My Dear Sister,

I have not written you since my return from the Interior owing to a suitable conveyance not having presented itself And my being compelled to go out on an Indian excursion shortly after my arrival— We returned without being able to effect any thing owing to the inclemancy of the season and the Indians having left their Villages'— We apprehend no danger fron the Indians their numbers are too small to harass us in any other way than by Stealing a few horses— which they do occasionally— During my abscence my brother received a letter from you dated in January last containing the unpleasant intelligence of the loss of many of our friends—within the last year, a loss more afflicting to us owing to the few that are left of what was but a few years since a numerous and happy Circle—¦ I fear that by the time my Brother and myself can return to Missouri we shall find but few of our old friends alive—

Our Colony is improving daily the emigration that has taken place lately has been principally by water— Vessels arrive—or touch at the mouth of this river frequently and two will ply regularly between this and New Orleans; I entertain but little doubt that a passage could be procured at almost any time; Should Mr Perry wish to come out to visit the Country either this fall or next spring I would advise him to come by water— The last Vessel was only 5—-days from the City and three—from the Balize to the mouth of the river.

Our crops are very promising this Season— Considerable cotton will be made—which will be inferior to none made in any part of the US— All that is wanting to make this the most desirable part of the habitable Globe is a Sufficient population—which it must have in a few years—

I am happy to hear that the boys improve, I hope you will not neglect placing them as soon as they are old enough in a Situation whereby they may acquire a thorough knowledge of business

Have you done any thing in the Durham Hall—business yet—? what does Mr Perry think of the probability of recovering it— If any thing is done I think it ought to be done immediately—

I have nothing more to communicate at present Brother is well— I wish you to send out the work of Schoolcrafts it would be gratifying to us to see it— Give my respects to all my old friends- Kiss little Mary— and tell Jack his uncle will expect a letter from him shortly— Before I close I must inform you of the death of Thomas Alley he was unfortunately drowned -crossing the Brazos on our last Campaign against the Indians

Old Mr- Andrews was well the last time I heard from him—

I leave this on the 06-16-1826 for my place down the Brazos— probably I shall not have an opportunity of writing you for Some time— The Murderer of William Perry has not reached this part of the Province yet— the last information I received he was on Red River in Arkensas Terry

Jas B. Austin [Rubric]

Mrs- Emily M Perry [Rubric]

P. S. I am not married yet and Stephen is further from it than he was six months ago


your letter was truly welcome for I have not heard from you for many months— you say nothing about moving— neither can I give you any other advice on the subject, than what I have heretofore said which is, that I wish Mr Perry to come and look for himself before he determines— I am Satisfied to spend my life here, but I should be much more so if you were with us— Our crops this year are much more abundant than they have been since the Colony commenced— the Season has been very favourable, if any thing rather too wet, particularly the beginning of this month— remember me to all friends and particularly Mrs. John Perry and all the Perry family etc. write often and give all the Potosi news in detail— we Still live in log cabins— rather poor, tho plenty of corn Beef and Bacon— Kiss the Children for their uncle


[Addressed:] Mrs Emily M. Perry Potosi Missouri Mail