Jose Antonio Saucedo to Stephen F. Austin, 06-28-1826

Summary: Quoting letter from governor concerning tobacco monopoly, and forbidding introduction of tobacco from Austin's colony to the interior.

His Excellency the Govor of this State under date of 2d May last writes to me as follow :

"Under this date I have given an order to the administrator of the manufactory of Tobacco in this Capital to remit for your disposition twenty cases of paper Segars for the supply of that De- partment, with directions to the administration of Monclova to forward to the place of their destiny the said segars facilitating the payment of the freight and causing them to be conducted with the necessary escort. For the sale of these segars I expect you to propose an individual of your confidence who with the provisional charge of Administrator of Tobaccos, will discharge its functions in the necessary manner, to whom will be passed the percentage or salary in conformity with the existing plan subject in this particular to the resolution of the Honorable Congress.

Notifying you at the same time that, as soon as the said Tobacco arrives in that place you will cause the publication of Decree N° 15 of the 19th february last year circulated the 20th March following with the provisions of the Govt and other existing laws and regulations which acompany it—Causing all those dispositions to have their most exact and punctual compliance, which I communicate to you for your information and corresponding effects—"

The aforementioned twenty cases of segars having been received in this place, and the Tobacco put into the authorized monopoly, I transcribe it for your information, with the understanding that you under the strictest responsibility will not permit under any motive or pretext the transportation of any Tobacco from that place or in your jurisdiction for which purpose you will cause it to be generally made known among the inhabitants in order to avoid any prejudice that might arise to the Treasury under contraband proceedings

Bexar 28 June 1826

Signed Jose Antonio Saucedo

To Lieut Col. Stephen F Austin

In compliance with the above order of the Chief of Department the transportation of Tobacco to any part of the interior is prohibited and all persons are notified accordingly—

Sn Felipe de Austin 21st July 1826

Stephen F Austin