WIlliam Laughlin to Stephen F. Austin, 07-17-1826

Summary: Judicial procedure.

Harrisburgh July 17th, 1826

Coln Austin


John Kenney presented me with an order from you threw his Petition directing me to take S. C Hirams as bail on the order of atatchmentt against him in favour of Taylor warein your Honer directed a bond in the sum of ten hundred dollars wich Hirams Refused houghever after pestering me a day or tew I recived a sorte of Bond for delivery of the Property altho not sattisfactory I delivered up the Property in my Poseson Mr. Taylor not being satisfied Refused to deliver tew Cows and Calves which he had Promised to him some time since on account of Mr Bayles that he would not deliver until he had got- his Pay then insude som hard wordes betwixt the Partys in wich Kenney adresing him self to Mrs Taylor cald her a damned old ------ware uppon Taylor seised his gun and swore he would shute him Kenney fled and thus Ended the Tragedy Kenney then in a bussel determined to seake Redress by a second application to your Honor Presentes me with a certificate stating sircumstances Reilitive to the proceding and lest it shoul not contain all and he mis Reppresent sircumstances I take this method to state to your Honor the facts yours humbel servant

Wm. Laughlin

Col S F Austin