Nicholas Whitehead to Stephen F. Austin, 07-18-1826

Summary: Wishes to buy certain land, paying in cotton and tobacco.

Colorado, July 18,1826.

Dear Sir

I have understood that you own one fourth of a league of land, situated near Eagle lake, which land was formerly deeded to the late Mr. McClain; if you are disposed to sell said land I would be very glad to buy it, If you will sell it I could wish to know if you would take cotton or tobacco, or any other kind of trade I could pay you, or what price you would ask for it,—I have never yet got any land as a settler; I should be glad to get the land alotted to me by the Govt, on the rio Bacca if it may be convenient for me so to have it.—I have been several times to see you about getting land, but have always found you from home

Will you be so good as to let me know what I may depend on concerning what I have written to you

Nicholas Whitehead

Col. S. F. Austin.