T. Farelly to Stephen F. Austin, 07-22-1826

Summary: Asking assistance in collecting debt from one Peter Tyler. Enclosures.

Little Rock Arkansas

July 25th 1826

Stephen F. Austin Esqr

Dear sir Presuming on the acquaintance I had with you while a citizen of our Territory—I have taken the liberty of enclosing a transcript of a Judgmt in my favour against Peter Tyler who formerly lived on white River in this Territory and whom you may have perhaps seen, while a resident here—he Tyler has been reported as dead and letters of administrad granted on his Estate— but in consequence of the unsettled way in which he left his busness nothing has been obtained by the administr to satisfy the debts he was owing—many persons on white River where he formerly lived believe he is still living, and residing in some part of your settlement—should this be the case he no doubt has property sufficient to satisfy the balance due me of the judgement. If Tyler is still living and in your settlement as reported— and you can do any thmg to secure this debt, it will lay me under obligations to you, which I shall always be happy to have it in my [power] to reciprocate. I dislike to trouble you with this business and should not have done it—were it not for the assurance of our mutual friends Mesrs. Scott and Crittenden

T. Farrelly,

NB Will you have the goodness to drop me a line on this subject, direct " Post of Arkansas "

Dr Sir:

The inteligence that you have rendered our mutual friend Terrence Farrelly assistance on the subject of the enclosed business will be received with great satisfaction by us—we know the claim to be a just one, and believe that Tyler has not acted as a good citizen of your colony should act with regard to it,— Our respective families are all in health— we have seen a gentelman by the name of Gross direct from your settlement a few days since who gives us a most flattering account of your porsperity and popularity— May both increase while life lasts is the prayer of your devoted friends

Andrew Scott

Robt Crittenden

[Addressed:] Stephen F Austin Esqr Province of Texas

Mr. Gross.


Amongst the Records and proceedings of this Circuit Court of Independence County appears the following

Terrence Farrelly against Peter Tyler

In debt Vacation Apl 1 1822

This day personally appeared before me Thomas Curran Clerk of the Circuit Court (of the first Judicial District) in and for the county of Independence and Territory of Arkansas the above named Peter Tyler and says he cannot deny the demand of the said Terrence Farrelly, nor but that he is indebted to him in the sum of Twenty Four hundred and fourteen dollars and 88/100 cents Therefore it is considered that he recovered of said Tyler the said sum of Twenty four hundred and fourteen dollars and 88/100 together with his costs of suit


(Signed) Thomas Curron Clk.

Upon Execution returnable the May term Eighteen hundred and twenty three and which appears to have been the last Execution that any money was made issued upon the foregoing judgment there is a credit endorsed thereon for thirteen hundred cmd seventy one dollars seventy one cents.


Territory of Arkansas

County of Independence

I John Redmon Clerk of the Circuit Court for the said county within the territory aforesaid do hereby certify that the forego [i]ng is a true copy (found upon record) of a Judgment confessed by Peter Tyler (in vacation) in favor of Terrence Farrelly, and further the aforesaid amount of thirteen hundred and seventy one dollars seventy one cents is the amount credited on the execution returnable as before stated.

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the Circuit Court of said County at Batesville this 17 day of July A D 1826 of the Independence of the United States the 51st year

(Signed) John Redmon Clk


Interest 1st Apl. 1826____________________________________________ 589.46

Cost___,—._________-________________________-__________________ 6. 70


Credit on Execution returnable to May ? 1823_______________1317.17

Interest on credit to 1st Apl 1826_________________________ 267. 37



Interest from Apl 1st. 1826 till paid upon the Balance