James Kerr to Stephen F. Austin, 07-30-1826

Summary: People forced to move because of Indian hostilities.

Judge Cummin's Colorado

30th July 1826

Dear Sir, I came here this morning—your brother has just left— I shall over take him tomorrow. Dewitt is in the bay or bacca Several of the people resident of the fort are now here— I have endeavored to ascertain, there intentions—They will no doubt leave the place before the last of next month—They will I believe all or nearly so go below—In that case this will be an out side, and I even doubt whether this place will be occupied long after the fort breaks—.

I am somewhat of the opinion that were you to write to Capt. Burnham and invite him to see you; and you would give him some indulgence in the price and payment of his land that probiblely he would stop here, and station,—should he do so it will Induce others to stop also.

This however is conjecture on my part.—tho I think it merits some consideration.

Those people have now growing crops that they flattered themselves would turn in to there acts, sufficient funds to pay the balanse due to you—and under the present circumstances it is not likely that they will realize one Dollar—by them. They are poor and have familys and the loss of a crop is to them a serious thing.

As I have mearly sugested the subject to you for your consideration ; I hope you will excuse the freedom I have taken

James Kerr

P. S. I would not be understood, as giving to Capt Burnham Indulgences that could not be extended to all eaqual meritorious—but to consult with him as a kind of forman

[Addressed:] Colo S. F. Austin Sn felipe De Austin

Mr. Woods

Since I sealed this I have recd a mesage from Colo Dewitt—He is off the mouth of the vacca—and is afraid to land on account of the Indians that are in the neighbourhood

I have therefore to repair to his Assistance Immediately

______ JK