Stephen F. Austin to Jose Antonio Saucedo, 08-11-1826

Summary: Forwarding with mild indorsement B. J. Thompson's request for permission to form a company of volunteers.

I inclose to your Lordship the original and translation of an application of Burrel J. Thompson of the District of Nacogdoches, for authority to raise a company of mounted volunteers to assist in defending this frontier, and two other papers on the same subject, which he sent to me to be translated. These volunteers have offered me their services, through Thompson, to fight our Indian enemies. I have informed them that I was not authorized to accept their offer, unless it is made through the Alcalde of their District, or with your Lordship's previous sanction.

I am fully aware that there are many cavilling men, disposed to complain of the authorities without cause, and, even, to interfere with them. As I am not acquainted with all the reasons that induced the Alcalde to prohibit the organization of that company, I cannot give a decisive opinion on the subject; but from what I could learn of the character and intentions of these men, I see no impropriety in allowing them to form a company, and I have no doubt that it would be advisable to accept their services to fill the place of the sixty men whom the Alcalde has [been] ordered to furnish me with in an emergency. But your Lordship will be better able to judge. I have submitted this subject to your Lordship at the request of the parties interested, on account of their ignorance of the Spanish language, and not with an intention to interfere with the business of the District of Nacogdoches.

I have also received from the people of the Trinity a verbal tender of their services against the Indians should they be required; I answered them that I had no authority to accept them without your Lordship's consent.

There is no doubt when the cold season sets in that the Indians will attack us, and I consider it important to be ready for them in time.

God and Liberty.

Stephen F. Austin.

San Felipe de Austin, August 11th 1826.