James Gaines and J. E. B. Austin to Jose Antonio Saucedo, 09-05-1826

Summary: Reporting turbulence at Nacogdoches and accusing Austin of disloyalty to the Government.

Nacogdoches Sept 5. 1826

His Excellency Don Jose Anto Sausido.

Most excellent sir I have this Year omitted writing as I am unable to write Spanish and had every confidence business would eventually close to the general good of the Government Yet I have seen all the Year the machines of disappointed impure services disappointed speculators disappointed Rouges disappointed Office hunters opponents and striving in opposition and each one striving to carry his point but all unanimously opposing the law and authority

They began on the 19th March by declaring the documents from your excellency was forged and the Authority here was arbitrary this part was without effect yet they continued in imprinting of this on the minds of the people untill a certain Col. Pettis [Pettus] from Austin's Colony arrived here at the Irish Bayou he declared at Chandlers Store in the presince of Chandler Elbert Hinds Esqr and many others that there was no law nor authority in this country that all they had was from Your excellency and that you yourself had no authority and that Austin commanded to the Sabine this immediately took effect with all who could not be received in the country and all who opposed the Law and authority Burrill Thompson immediately commenced to raise a Company among them declaring they would not suffer in future any man to be turned out of the country and that they would put down the Authority and establish one of their own they all declared by the powers to desist Burrill Thompson declared to me there was no law nor authority there and that He would persist in regulating His Company and had this meeting and agreed to send John A. Williams to Stephen F. Austin to sanction agreable to what Pettis had told them It appears Austin became anamoured with this plan and sent a large document to Benjamin Edwards who remains here as the agent of Haden Edwardsthe Empresario and disclosing many secrets on Slavery among them the said Edwards went immediately to the Irish Bayou and set in on the Company Him and John A Williams and Burrill Thompson and has eventually succeeded to effect a confusion among them as no dependence can be placed among them and the said B. Edwards has this morning sent Chaplin among them with a large Packet against the authority of this place what this may end in God only knows the House of Dill and Dust [Durst] has worked on the mind of their Friends as they keep a Boarding House for the Empresario It has touched the minds of some of the old Citizens in a word much confusion remains here and all has originated from the Empresario.

I received a Letter this morning from Austin's Colony this day and am informed that they are worse there than here and I presume the confusion came first from them or the cause.

Austin has requested the Alcalda of this place to check me as He said I was in the habit of informing the Government continually the dangers of a rebellion All I have to say on this subject is Had he fought for the Freedom of this Country and spent all he had He would be a man particular in defending it But Your Excellency will see no Empresario can comply with their obligation to this Government agreeable to Laws and eventually if the calculations fail all interest for the Government will fail and the result will be confusion which I do not consider is at hand I dont say that a rebellion is in hand Judge yourself what I do say from your own opinion I want your Excellency to send Troops to enforce the Laws and every where establish order every where I am ready to aid you at all times I shall use evry exertion in my power untill the return mail and if times cant be altered I must leave my Family and then Contend Myself in person for the Laws and Authority untill I Die

God and Liberty

I remain your Excellencies most obt very Humble Servant

(Signed) James Gaines.

Satillo Oct. the 7. 1826

Dear Sir

I send you a Copy of a Letter wrote by Mr. James Gaines to this Government stating what you will see in said letter You have that poisinous serpent who underhanded is writing against you all you ought to take care of Him for if He dont injure you it is not for the want of trying you will see by His letter that I drew off word for word.

I wish you to let all the Ayish Bayou know it and see what He and his Brother in Law wishes to do if it was in their power Norris has written to the same effect this is wrote by a Friend who dont sign his name for good reasons but you will know who he is in a short time.

Ponga mi Rubrica no mas

To Mr. Joseph Dust [Durst]

A true copy taken from the original in the secretary's office Saltillo Oct. 6th 1826

Jas E. B. Austin [Rubric]

P. S. In some places I have corrected the spelling and in others have left it as it is in the original, which is so badly written that it was with much difficulty the meaning could be ascertained.—[Austin]