Littleberry Hawkins to Stephen F. Austin, 09-06-1826

Summary: Publishes description of Texas in Kentucky papers. Interest in Texas. Santa Fé trade.

Lexington 6 Sept 1826

Stephen F Austin Esq

We keep continually published in the Papers some interesting discriptions of the Country and shall Continue to do so the best description of the Country has been lately published in the Argus Signed by Smith also a good description signed by Lewis I have seen Doct Koman who lately returned he speaks well of the Coun- try any descriptions that you would have furnished to me shall be published at all times in great Henly(?) the Stage is Starting they are Not making as much Noise about the trade from Missouri to Santefee as formerly which makes in favor of your Grant Mclain will say to You what is excitement in this State as to emigration and give You the Knews generally

Your friend

L H [Littleberry Hawkins,]