Samuel Norris to Stephen F. Austin, 10-03-1826

Summary: Conditions in east Texas.

Nacogdoches October 3rd 1826

Col Steven F Austin

Sir I recd your letter of the 10th wherein you state I missunderstood your meaning about gains if I did I am quite happy to say I am truely glad as I know he has stated nothing against those inhabitants except he has pass it round this place and I know him to be a man of more sense he has his enemys as we all have his reports to Government has been in their favour of them inhabitants untiil they came out in a verry singular way and then he did not report them

you say as you have informed you must know any person disapointed will be offended hear boath sides then you can better Judge

sir you may with all confidence say any thing that may be for the good of the inhabitants of either place

I can inform you that the Cheriches [Cherokees] has obtained permition to go and fight the hostile Indians and suppose they will be soon of [f] in pesuit of them if they if any quantity should go I will let you know

Sir you may at all times with all confidence I will assist your recommended friends in [any way] I can that is in my power acording to law

Samuel Norris [Rubric]