Enoch Brenson to Stephen F. Austin, 10-23-1826

Summary: Judicial procedure.

Sn Jacinto Bay October 23rd, 1826

Col Stephen F. Austin

Altho I am aware that you think us a troublesome people and no doubt but you are tired of our noise, still I must beg the indulgence of one more hearing.

You are Aprised of the relative standing of Johnson, Hunter and myself, as it respects the surveying of my land, as well the land of others, and I am persuaded that you will not incourage him in impositions, and as we can have no decision on his lines, it can not be reasonable that he should collect and keep the money for his surveying altho I have actually paid him for the surveying of my League, yet still I owe him a ballance on our private settlement, which ballance he has brought suit for and obtained a judgment before our Alcalde. Yet I hope, sir that you will authorise me to withhold the payment of this judgment untill a decision can be had respecting these disputed lines. I am not nor never was opposed to the payment of any just debt, but I can not think that it is just for Johnson or Hunter to receive the full payment for his surveying when his work is so obviously disputed. I hope, sir you will take this matter into consideration and deal justly and strictly between Hunter and myself. Justice is all I want and if it is justice for Hunter to recover the money for the surveying of my land and keep it under these existing circumstances I submit. But if it is justice for me to keep back (at least) a part, I want to do so. The amount of the judgment that Hunter holds against me is $41 the amount of the surveying is much more than that some, but if I could retain the amount of the judgment in my hands untill the correctness of the lines could be ascertained, it would fully satisfy me.

But in all cases I am willing to submit to the judicious laws of my Country and in this case, to your better judgment I subscribe myself with every degree of submission

Enoch Brenson [Rubric]

Col. Stephen F Austin