Benjamin Deckerd to Stephen F. Austin, 10-31-1826

Summary: Land business.

Winchester 31st Octr 1826

Col Austin

I am requested by old Mr. Thompson to inquire of you the situation of the land his son bought from William Pettis, his son died before he got home and the titles to the Land has been sent to him but they are written in Spanish and we have no one here who can tell any thing about them the Old Gentleman has administered on his sons estate and he wants to know in what manner he could convey it should he make sale of it he also wants to know wether the Land is in any danger of being forfeited and he also would like to have the deed copyed in the English language if it is not too much trouble and sent on to him. You can if convenient give the above information and direct your letter to me. and you will much oblige

Benjamin Deckerd