William Scott to Stephen F. Austin, 03-10-1827

Summary: Judicial procedure.

Point pleasant. March 10th 1827.

Dear sir

In discharge of my duity which Charity calls for to assist a pore distresed and desolate widow with two orphants, who is toiling with Industry to maintain herself and children her situation language can't Express and God above onley knows her suffering, to think that Hunter should be permitted to destroy that pore unhapy woman by his persuading her to take some medisin, and she was sworn on trial, and she states that he was to cure her and the charge would not exced seven Dollars, he state there was no contract, but swore to his account and not supported by other evidence as I thought to find a Judgement there appears that by some stratagim or other there is an account put with the papers which was not on trial or before the arbitrators for near $30. and upon what grounds the arbitrators found a judgement I'm not able to judge, and at the rendition of the judgement an appeal was applyed for and the aplycation Entered I was to enter hir security, I started down to the coast and did not get back as soon as I expected on account of the weather when I returned the time of Ten days had relaps,d so that she cant get an appeal, the Alcalda informs me. If I have under stood your opinion we did not gow upon formality but to give Justice, and this case calls for Justice your absence has stop,d the widow from seeing you there can be more Evidence produced and when your honour Has the depositions before you you will be the better judge, repoart says [he] has produced to a petition to you that he is a sober man and so fourth if so it is not correct, if you have formed a good opinion of him you are mistaken in the man and you will be better informed I remain your most obedient Hbl, St

Wm Scott [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Coln S. F. Austin San Philepi D Austin