Green DeWitt to Stephen F. Austin, 04-13-1827

Summary: Movements of Karankawa Indians.

Station at Labaca April 3rd 1827.

Dr sir

I am happy to hear of your return and hope your visit to Nacogdoches has, and will result in much good to the Country.

We have lately had 2 visits to our station of the Coronkawases; the first part had six, and the [second] twelve in number, they professed great friendship to us and actually had it in their power to have killed several of our people, as they came up to the station; for they found one man and 2 boys 10 miles below here at work, and actually were in their camp in a manner—before they were discovered; a few miles above that they came to another labor in like manner where there were a man and a woman; and hurt no one but I am of opinion that they are only waiting a good opportunity to make a break on our settlement, therefore we are constantly upon our Guard; and so soon as we get our corn planted we will try to be ready for them, and are determined that they must not come amongst us—for since we have heard of the late murders in your colony it is more than Americans can hear to suffer them to come under the coulor of friendship when their hands are yet reeking with the blood of Inosent women and children; and as we expect a campaign against them from your quarter, I have thought it most advisable to keep peace with them if possible untill that time; and being advised of the time we can have it in our power to know where they are and can give you 15 or 20 good brave men to assist in cuting them entirely off. and If a Campaign is intended please to let me know that I may know how to act.

Mr. Kerr is at la Bahia, but looked for every hour. I had news from Gonzales yesterday 2 Blockhouses are well built and now under the Command of Mr. Byrd Lockhart; all are in peace at that place; and no Indian sign near that is known of.

Mr Monchola has not sent the ballance of my guns to me and the individuals who own them, altho he has been ordered to do so and it is greatly to the hurt of the owners as they want them to hunt their meat as well as to guard themselves with.

Please write me and give me the news, as Mr Kerr and myself are both anxious to hear from the N Eastward and S westward,

G Dewitt [Rubric]

Col Stephen F Austin

P. S. Give the earliest notice you can if a campaign is intended against the Corronks, that we may have time to prepare to Join you—¦

G. D.

[Addressed:] Col Stephen F Austin San Felipe de Austin Brassos per Capt Russell