Antony R. Clarke to Stephen F. Austin, 05-04-1827

Summary: Land and trade.

Dear sir

agreable to my promis I now address you by Mr Milbourn I have to inform you that Mrs Page coincides with me in wishing to receive the two Labours No 1 and No 2 If they can both be conveyed in one deed it will be best if not let there be two if in one they can be conveyed in the name of Eliza Page widow of the late William A Page her maiden name was Eliza Clarke.

I have paid Capt Chase $10 for a bbl of flour on your account, and hope to be able to bring with me when I come to Town money to pay you if not the whole at least for the deeds and stamped paper but the prospect is not very bright, owing to Varners not being able to procure any money, we have had to advance every dollar we could scrape to make up the payment of the Hope, I[f] you should want Flour for your own use send an Order to me as I have some bbls to sell likewise hatts and salt—

yours affectionately A. E. Clarke

Friday morning 4th May 1827—

[Addressed:] Col, S, F, Austin San Phillip pr Mr Milbourn