J. E. B. Austin to Unknown, 05-26-1827

Summary: Contract to made a deed.

Be it known that I, James E. B. Austin an Inhabitant of Austins Colony do hereby bind and obligate myself my heirs and assigns to make unto Elias K. Wightman a deed for one fourth part of a league of land known as the Crownover league on the west side of the river Colorado, in Consideration of the same quantity of land deeded to me by said Wrightman from off the League of land granted to him by the Mexican Government, the said Wightman to have the priviledge of making choice of either quarter of the Sd League: The said title to be made as soon as the parties shall have made their respective selections—

May 26th 1827.

Jas B Austin [Rubric]

Samuel M Williams Attest

Executed agreeably to contract